It’s almost over!

Just wanted to let you all know that my hiatus is almost over. I will be back in 2 weeks! I have to say that this was a much needed hiatus. So hopefully you guys got a chance to browse through the pages in my blog and you liked the changes. Also i have a new artist that i have discovered on youtube that i will be interviewing this week for the blog.  Her name is Emily Wood and she is a beautiful singer. You guys can also find another one of her videos on my music page on my blog as well. Have a nice day you guys and be back soon!

Hey You Guys!

So just letting you guys know that i am really enjoying this hiatus even though i am missing  you guys. Just wanted to say hello to all of my new followers and hello to my old ones as well. I hope you guys like the changes i did to my blog to make it more easy for you guys to navigate around. Let me know what you guys think of the changes and see you in September!


Goodbye you all

So before I get into this post I just wanted to say “welcome” to all of my new followers and “hello” to all of my old followers as well. I know for many of you guys this post may come as a bit of a shocker and surprise, but I have decided that for the next month or so, I will not be posting anymore content. I am doing this because I want to take some time out to work on making and uploading good content for my YouTube channel. As well as bettering some other aspects of my life. So for the time being most of you guys can catch me on my channel. You can find the link to my channel on my youtube tab here on my blog. Also for those of you guys that are still interested in doing some collaborations or guest blogging with me, the offer still stands. I will contact you guys later about that because I have a special project planned out for that. Other than that I hope you guys still continue to follow and share my blog despite my hiatus. I know this is a sudden change for you all, but do not worry I will be back sooner then you can think. I appreciate every one of you guys and talk to you all later!

Fiber Time


So for today’s post i am sharing with you guys one of my newest changes to my eating lifestyle. In past few weeks of me eating Chia seeds, i have noticed a change in my energy as well as my bowel movements. I have even noticed a growth amd thickness in my hair as well. I do not mean to gross out anyone from reading my post but i think it is very essential to add more fiber into your diet.  The best thing about these seeds is that you can sprinkle them on about anything. From oatmeal to smoothies and even baked goods they make a wonderful edition. So definitely if you are looking to boost up your fiber, and keep your colon funtioning properly, you need to try these out.  I love to mix them in with my oatmeal and even my grits. I have even tried them once on my peanut butter and jelly sandwich which definitely made me feel fuller faster.  They are full of protein, fiber, iron,  and omega 3. You can get them from Trader’s Joe, Ebay, and many other places. I hope you guys enjoyed my post and stay healthy.