Uploaded a new video

Just wanted to let you guys know that i uploaded a new video for my youube channel today. So definitely click the link to my youtube channel. You can find that on my youtube page on my blog.  Make sure you subscribe and share and have a wonderful Tuesday!


One of my favorite Natural Hair Youtubers

Just wanted to share with you guys a good friend of mine and a fellow natural Youtuber. So definitely subscribe to her channel!


Emily Wood’s Interview

Just wanted to let you guys know that the interview for Emily Wood is finally up! You can find her interview here: http://brookebrunson.wordpress.com/interviews/ or go to my interview page on my blog! So definitely go check her out and her youtube channel. Talk to yall later!


New Dating App


So i decided to download this new dating app called Tinder a few days ago.  I will let you guys know how it is going later but no complaints yet. If you guys have tried this then let me know your experience.

Good morning everyone!

Hey you guys! Good morning to everyone on this beautiful sunday morning! I hope you all are enjoying this day and our taking the time out to enjoy it! Just wanted to let you guys know if you would like anything from my online store then you can always ask me to order it and pay me through paypal.  Right now if you guys buy the light-up lip gloss from me you can save about 5 or 6 dollars if you order it from me. So definitely for more details you can check out my online store page or send me an email at brooke.brunson@gmail.com. Talk to you guys later and happy sunday!

Light                                                                                       Dark

IMG_20140419_150500    IMG_20140419_150601


Unknown-4 Hey you guys! So as you can see i am officially back off of my hiatus. I had a very well needed break and I am really happy to be back. I hope you guys had a chance to browse through my blog while also following my second blog called creative space and subscribing to my youtube channel. I will be back to blogging regularly and i will have the interview for emily wood posted up in a couple of days.  You will be able to find her interview on my interview page once it is up. Remember if you guys have any questions or business inquiries you can always check out my contact page to get my email! Have you beautiful day you guys and see you later!