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Hey you guys so i know i have been delaying my posts for a few weeks now but i have definitely been busy doing big things over these past couple of weeks. Between running my blog, my second blog, managaing another blog, writing for a new blog as well, making more content for my youtube channel, and working on my articles it has definitely stressed me out a bit.  I wanted to make this post to let you guys know that i am still here but i may be absent for a couple of weeks or days for the time being. I hope you guys to continue to share my blog and thank you to everyone who has followed me. See you guys later, and also check out my youtube channel for some new content!

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advertise-here-248x248 So if any companies or businesses would like to adveritse here on my first blog or my second blog definitely shoot me an email at brooke.brunson@gmail.com to get all the details!

The deadline to submit your questions is on April 21st by midnight. Ask me anything!


images-8At the end of the day we are all still black no matter our shade. To see my response video click link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhVDg_T5BbI

Hey you guys so i know that i have not been on here in a few days but i have been super busy. I uploaded a new youtube video last night on my channel about haircare tips for colored or bleached natural hair. If you guys want to see that video along with the other one about friends with benefits make sure you check out the link to my youtube channel which you can find on my youtube channel page. Also as you guys know the deadline for my second Q&A is April 21st.  If you want your questions answered definitely check out my previous post before this one to get all the details. So before you guys forget, make sure you check out these unique and stylish clothes. All of these clothes was made by a good friend of mine named Travis who is also my coworker.  If you guys like anything that you see definitely check him out on Instagram and tumblr along with the rest of his wonderful designs. Enjoy you guys!

Instagram: ZONYK_9

Tumblr: biagiopowell.tumblr.com

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I hope you guys like my pictures and have a great day!

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Actor Laz Alonso:                                                                                                                       


Alex Holley from Fox 29 News! :  


Allen Iverson:                                                                                  


MC Lyte:


Radio Stations: Boom 107.9, Praise 103.9, and Old School 100.3

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