Welcome to my World!

Hope you all enjoy my blog! If you guys like the music on this page definitely press the like buttonĀ and if any of you guys have any song requests feel free to let me know!


  1. Britt says:

    Hey found you through the Dream Big Community! Love the style of your blog and also wanted to invite you to follow my blogging journey with me<3

  2. Thanks for following my blog! I love yours!

  3. I just have one question, because maybe I’m missing something big here…what am I clicking on that little arrow to reveal, besides a green screen? ;)
    P.S. I followed you here from your other blog. :)

  4. stumelton says:

    Thanks for stopping by my page! I like your blog a lot!

  5. I keep on forgetting that your blog has a background music and I keep on getting surprised every time I open your page.. lol
    I’ve nominated you for an award https://thatrandomilongga.wordpress.com/2015/11/16/bloggers-recognition-awards/

  6. valm4rie says:

    Your blog is really awesome!!

  7. Rohan Menon says:

    You had recently liked a post on my blog so in return I will follow your blog. I hope you see my blog some more as I will do the same to you.
    Great Job!

  8. Thank you for liking my blog “Creek Life II.” I hope you come back soon. God bless.

  9. This page is so cool. How did you get the video and the music to play on the background of your blog?!

    • lol thank you. well the theme that i bought for my blog comes with this features. it allows me to insert the link to any music video that i want to show up on my blog. it is pretty awesome i must say!

  10. jstgina says:

    nice blog..love it

  11. glenncogar says:

    Thanks so much for popping by my blog and commenting. I have just listened to and read your Day 1 Blogging101 course post – really like the background music :) is that your music? or music you like? I wish you all the best and will keep reading your future posts to see what you are up to :)

  12. gihonreader says:

    Keep up the good work. Well done!

  13. thecraftysideofsarcasm says:

    Hi there! I’m stopping by from the lifestyle bloggers group on Google+. Great blog!

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